About Us



ZENO has been established by a team that has successfully completed successful CRM projects at home and abroad. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we develop CRM solutions that provide value increase, cost savings and competitive advantage and create value for companies from every sector.


ZENO, who has technical expertise in many fields, operates especially in CRM field and works with business partners in business intelligence, ERP applications and mobile software. Our success lies in our passion and excitement, dedication and concrete added value to our business, which we have transferred to each project for years without ever decreasing.


We offer flexible, reliable, fast, consistent, focused on your critical problems and low cost solutions for your evolving and changing needs.

Our Fields of Expertise


ZENO provides the support you need with its long-standing team in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • CRM Management Consultancy

  • User Trainings

  • Technical Education

  • Project Adaptation and Development

  • reporting

  • Project management

  • Maintenance and Support Services

Our quality policy


  • Customer satisfaction

  • Focus on customers' needs

  • Providing solutions to customer needs with the latest technologies

  • Developing flexible systems suitable for changing needs

  • Delivery of projects on the promised date

  • Not exceeding the customer budget

  • Solution-oriented approach in situations that require support

  • Continuing to grow with our business partners

Istanbul  |  Houston

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