CRM Consulting Services


CRM is a long-term strategic business decision. As ZENO, we provide CRM consultancy service in every stage of your CRM projects in accordance with your business needs. We guarantee you a successful CRM system with the experience of our expert team, who have worked in domestic and international CRM projects, with success stories and the satisfaction of our customers.


ZENO, an expert company in the field of Customer Relationship Management, guides at every stage from preliminary analysis to defining needs, adapting the solution, adapting the user, and servicing.


We provide professional services to you in determining the road map in your CRM projects, proactive discovery, planning and training required for the realization of projects. We analyze the data collected in CRM and other systems as input to CRM processes and provide reporting.

As ZENO, we are building systems that you can measure positive returns in a tangible way without wasting time.

CRM Management Support Consultancy


We contribute to our customers to make the right decisions for the development of CRM projects, to determine appropriate road maps, to achieve their goals by planning financial and strategic management.


We provide services that will add value to increase the use of CRM in your organization. We plann and present new CRM features together that will be useful for your organization; monitoring users' CRM performances in a daily basis, and setting up new processes from the generated data.


Our consultant staff will provide you support with your CRM project in below areas:


  • Change management

  • Adding new functionalities

  • Analyzing specific needs for your industry

  • Achieving efficient results at low costs

  • Optimum use of your existing technologies and systems

  • Presenting the collected data to the senior management

  • Establishing daily monitoring and performance monitoring

Adaptation and Customization


We offer turnkey projects by taking part in all processes from the analysis phase of your CRM projects until implementation. 

We analyze your needs in detail and build your business processes accurately on CRM. We develop flexible, parametric CRM projects integrated with different systems in accordance with your determined business needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it offers solutions specific to your industry and your business processes, it is also user-friendly because they have interfaces like familiar Microsoft Applications.

We use the SureStep project methodology recommended by Microsoft in all phases of your CRM projects from the beginning to the delivery. After each stage of the projects, we deliver the necessary outputs to our customers and get the necessary approvals. With the Sure Step project methodology, we ensure that the project progresses efficiently by making necessary role and task distributions in the project.


We provide services to you in extending your CRM project to end users and all regions, explaining its specific usage for each user profile, and explaining the benefits of CRM for users and the organization. In our CRM trainings, the users work with the instructor in real scenarios. Users who attend the training will start to use the CRM system more efficiently after these trainings.


We provide remote or on-site support and maintenance services to keep your existing CRM systems running smoothly and efficiently. Within the scope of the prepared SLA; we provide performance, backup, system recovery, installation of update packages, version upgrades and detection of problems in the system. We provide suggestions by responding quickly to the problems that occur in the system.


We also provide the User Support service so that users can call and receive information whenever they need.

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