SENSOR is a mobile application that provides services to the contents of its registered users by ZENO Bilişim ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. (referred as ZENO)

The rules and other legal issues you are subject to when you are a registered user of SENSOR are as follows.

Registered User and Survey


We apply an age limit of 18, so unfortunately it is not possible for minors to be users.

To become a registered user of SENSOR mobile application, you need to enter the information requested from you. You will not be asked for information such as phone number, e-mail address.

The content you create after your account is activated will not appear in the application until your questions reach sufficient approvals by users.

The publication of your questions and surveys is published at the discretion of the SENSOR application users and at the end of their approval. We also make no commitments regarding the evaluation criteria, methods to be preferred, or duration in the posting of questions and surveys of registered users.

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Operation and Your Responsibilities


The content you create must comply with SENSOR rules and law. Please make sure that the content you create is unlawful, as the content you create is at your own risk and approval. As your legal responsibility starts when the content is published, the content you create will be later on by you or complaint / notification etc. erased by SENSOR will not remove your responsibility.

SENSOR content creation rules will be transferred to you up to date. Reasons for deletion of questions and surveys and other sanctions are notified to the users via the application, and it is your responsibility to follow them.

Your questions and surveys can be taken down because they do not comply with SENSOR rules or because they are illegal. Your account may be temporarily suspended or your account may be closed due to violations of the rules or law. All other rights are reserved.

All the responsibility regarding the security of your account belongs to you. We recommend that you create your password in an unpredictable way and do not share it with third parties, and do not enter your username and password on third party websites and / or mobile applications.

Our team pays utmost attention to the security of the information you give to SENSOR, but there is no direct or indirect damage in cases such as the fact that SENSOR has no obligation other than care obligation, the companies providing hosting services and similar services cannot provide security or the information is obtained illegally by accessing SENSOR and seizing the information. We do not accept responsibility for.

The questions and surveys you enter are backed up and stored regularly. In the event of possible data loss, we make no commitment that your data in the application will be lost partially or completely. We also reserve the right to permanently delete this data. For this reason, we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever in case of data loss or corruption due to any reason. If you are concerned about losing data, we recommend that you back up your data with your own means.

Cookies, also called 'cookies' and similar items during your stay at SENSOR, may be placed on your phone. Cookies are simple text files and do not contain any personal and identifying information, although they do not contain any personal information, session information and similar data are stored and can be used to recognize you again. You can learn more about this at and . (We do not have any responsibility for the reliability of the content you will reach through the links provided.) In addition, keeping any data collected by you in the form of automatic recording (unannounced) that you request directly from you during your registration and during your use (informed) or during your use of our application (without notice), We have the right to process and use, however, otherwise stated in this agreement are reserved. The data we collect from you will be kept confidential. This data is ZENO. It can be used in development studies, can be used as statistical data by protecting your anonymity and can be shared with third parties provided that your anonymity is protected. Unless your contact information is approved otherwise, only ZENO. Will be used for information and publicity purposes related to brands and / or services, your contact information will not be made available to third parties or given in any way. Your information may be shared with the relevant authority in case of legal obligation and duly requested by the competent authorities. In accordance with the current legislation, only the last 12 months' ip information is kept for all registered users.
You are the copyright owner of the content you create / publish in SENSOR. For this reason, you can compile and use your content published in SENSOR as you wish even for commercial purposes. However, if you publish your content on our application on another site on the internet, you should give us an active link. Copyright belongs to you, but for all the content you publish, for signal, audio and / or video transmission, including reproduction, copying, processing and printed media, radio or television, satellite and cable broadcasting organizations such as internet and other digital transmission, and You grant (license) the right to use all your financial rights indefinitely and free of charge without any geographical restrictions, including but not limited to the right to publish with any other means. As long as the content you create is live on SENSOR application, ZENO will have the right to use these contents for commercial purposes under brands that are in their own use in all environments and / or other websites. To prevent this, you can simply delete content that you do not want to be used or close your account, but these actions are only forward-looking and will not grant you a royalty fee or similar right from previous work. This is why it is always possible to reprint or publish previous work. ZENO undertakes that if your questionnaires and questions are used for commercial purposes in environments other than the Internet, it will pay the copyrights in its own discretion, provided that profit is obtained from the relevant work. It is accepted that the content you publish in our application belongs to you or you have the right to use it within the framework of the law of ideas and works of art. It is possible to publish content that does not belong to you only in accordance with the procedure specified in the law and on condition that you refer. Otherwise, we want to indicate that you will be responsible for any losses we may incur in.
Contract Changes
This contract can be changed unilaterally and without prior notice by ZENO. We recommend that you check the text of the contract periodically, as the post-change application will mean acceptance of the use contract changes as a registered user. You agree that the disputes that may arise between the parties due to this contractual relationship will be valid, binding, conclusive and exclusive evidence within the meaning of article 193 of the SENSOR records, and this item is in the nature of evidence contract. Turkish law will be applied to this contract, and in case of disputes, the Istanbul Central (Çaglayan) courts and enforcement offices are authorized. This contract was last updated on 11.05.2020.

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